One Two Trade Overview
Tel: +44 845 1287 233
Minimum Deposit: $500
Minimum Trade Amount: $10
Maximum Per Option: $5,000
Return Rate: 65%-71%
Bonuses: Up to 100%

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One Two Trade Review

Leading in Asset Variety and Trader Education

OneTwoTrade is a great broker that offers a top selection of underlying assets and a powerful trading platform. The company has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in trader education, and offers a variety of free online education resources in addition to one-on-one personalized training.

First Impression

When exploring the OneTwoTrade website, something that really stands out is the variety of underlying assets that the company offers. They have more than 350 assets spanning stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. With such a wide variety of assets, traders can be confident that there will always be many opportunities to profit, and that there will always be more assets to experiment with. Another thing that stands out is the large volume of educational materials that are made available to traders for free. Some of the educational resources are only available to active clients, but once you sign up you are provided with full access.

Accounts for Everyone

OneTwoTrade has a number of account tiers, each of which is intended to cater to a different segment of binary option traders. Some of the accounts (like the Starter account) are targeted at people who are new to the world of binary options trading, and require a deposit of just $250 to get started. At the other end of the spectrum, OneTwoTrade offers what it calls the Diamond VIP accounts. Diamond VIP accounts require large initial deposits (several tens of thousands of dollars) but entitle clients to an elite level of customer service, with free one-on-one training and free trade execution assistance. Regardless of your experience level and budget, OneTwoTrade will be able to offer an account tier that will suit your circumstances.

Software Offerings

OneTwoTrade’s trading platform can be accessed via a web browser or on a mobile device. The web-based platform is clean, uncluttered and extremely easy to use. After logging in and funding your account, you are provided with a wide selection of option formats to trade. These formats include classic binary options, 60 second options, long-term options and ladder options. The platform also offers special trading features including ‘Roll Over’, ‘Double Up’ and ‘Sell’. These special features enable traders to take greater control over their positions. For example, traders can use the ‘Sell’ feature to cancel an option contract early. The special features are not free to use, but they do provide some powerful functionality that can help traders magnify profits or reduce losses. On the mobile front, OneTwoTrade’s mobile trading application is available on both iOS and Android. The mobile app is great for executing trades on the go, and also provides rich functionality for monitoring the markets existing trades.

Deposit Bonus

OneTwoTrade generally offers substantial bonuses on deposits. The size of the bonus will depend on the promotions that the company is running at any given time, and on the amount being deposited, but it is not unheard of for OneTwoTrade to give bonuses that match initial deposits. From time to time they even offer bonuses that reach 200%.

Payment Flexibility

OneTwoTrade accepts a variety of payment methods, including Wire Transfers, Credit Cards, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin. The company was once of the very first brokers to support Bitcoin payments, so this should tell you something about OneTwoTrade’s commitment to being at the cutting-edge of the financial technology industry. The time to process a payment varies depending on the payment method used, but regardless of your method you will find OneTwoTrade’s support staff are able to get you set up and trading quickly.

Market Insights

OneTwoTrade provides its clients with a free market insights service that help traders stay on top of developments in the global financial markets. Their daily market updates review all of the recent events in the world economy, and across various asset classes, so you can be confident that you don’t miss out on any important developments before making your trading decisions.

Education and Support

OneTwoTrade provides some rich online education resources that teach traders everything they need to know about binary options trading – from the basic concepts all the way through to advanced trading strategies. Additionally, the company offers a one-on-one training service that enables traders to spend time interacting with one of the OneTwoTrade market experts. In these one-on-one sessions, traders are given the opportunity to develop a trading strategy that is customized according to their experience, objective and budget. The company’s dedication to customer service shines through during every interaction, from initial discussions with their sales team through to follow-up training and support.

Available Assets

As alluded to earlier, OneTwoTrade offers access to a huge library of underlying assets. In fact, they appear to be unmatched in the asset department, with more than 350 assets spanning stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. The great thing about having such a broad range to choose from is it means you will never run out of solid trading opportunities.

Closing Remarks

OneTwoTrade has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in trader education and asset breadth. I’ve been observing the company for a while now, and I’m confident that they are emerging to become one of the industry leaders. They offer great customer service, a helpful team of support staff and a powerful set of trading tools, so you should definitely consider their services when you’re next on the look-out for a binary options broker.

One Two Trade Pros & Cons

  • Great education services
  • Many tradable assets
  • Leading trading technology
  • No US traders
  • Minimum $250 deposit