CherryTrade Overview
Minimum Deposit: $200
Minimum Trade Amount: $25
Maximum Per Option: $50,000
Return Rate: 78%-85%
Bonuses: Up to 100%

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CherryTrade Review

Industrial Leader

With their various resources for traders, excellent customer service, and generous payouts, CherryTrade has become one of the top trading platforms in the binary trade industry. CherryTrade even offers the big players like Disney, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Impressions are important

Convenience is at the core of CherryTrade’s success, with their 100% web based platform and various of features. Their easy to use web interface makes navigation easy. CherryTrade offers a plethora of options hand chosen from the best indices, stocks, currencies, and commodities. CherryTrade has invested a lot of time to make a quality platform with the resources that traders need. The website even offers in depth training and educational material to boost traders in the learning process. Before registering with CherryTrade, you can even take advantage of free videos and tutorials

Trading Software

It’s important to understand what you’re looking for and what you need when looking for a binary options broker. However, the most important thing is understanding the broker’s trading platform.
CherryTrade has a user friendly and well built, smooth running platform. This broker has raised the bar in the business by making trading easier, while still maintaining the professionalism needed in the binary options industry. CherryTrade also allows their traders to sell options before expiration, which can help boost your profits through the roof. The platform also features real time data from Thomson Reuters for the latest information you’ll need for your trades.  While most brokers don’t offer free accounts, CherryTrade offers a FREE basic account for trading. Traders can use this to get a feel for CherryTrade before upgrading to one of the various account types available.

Other Resources

One key feature that is offered by CherryTrade is the ability to sell options before they expire. CherryTrade also has a large resource center with videos, training, information, and even courses.


Though bonuses are an important part of binary trading, having an astounding trading platform makes up for any downfalls on the bonuses side. CherryTrade has several bonuses that are a great benefit for you if you sign up for an account.

Customer Support

Since the binary trade industry is international, CherryTrade went in the right direction when deciding to offer phone support in various languages and countries. To make things even easier and more efficient, you can also reach out to them using chat and e-mail.

The Final Word

CherryTrade has a lot to offer with their latest tools, features, resources, and well designed platform. We were happy to see that the platform ran perfectly during every use. After using it regularly, we can safely say that CherryTrade is a leader in this industry. Having the option to demo the platform with the free account makes it worth it to sign up and check it out. And the best part? It’s so easy to sign up that you can begin trading immediately.

CherryTrade Pros & Cons

  • 100% web based
  • They have a digital options.
  • allow traders to sell their options before they expire.
  • Minimal language support